(grey, 2001, gelding, HSH)


Anonimusz, a.k.a his stable name Misi, is my first jumper who helped me start my official show career back in 2013. As being an extraordinarily experienced horse he gave me a huge amount of confidence thus making my riding improve pretty fast. In 2015 I started showing in international classes with him and wherever we went we finished in the first 6 everyday in junior and amateur category. He’s a pretty hard ride, you have to adapt to him as much as possible otherwise he wouldn't cooperate. I tend to think this might be one of the reasons why we built such a strong trust that we could benefit from all the time under pressure. I’m the proudest of our 2015 victory in the amateur class at the 4 star Danube Cup in Samorin, Slovakia. 


(grey, 2010, gelding, OS, Chaccomo x Carinue)


On his stable name Chipie, he’s the rising star. His pedigree is exceptional so is the scope he has. I’ve been working with him for 3 years, and he’s my first horse I schooled from 5 years old horse category all the way up to international 135 classes. For the 2018 show season my biggest goal is to start showing in Grand Prix classes. He has such a character, he’s always in the centre of attention, he’s simply unable to be bored. He has an amazing temper even tough learning is a bit difficult for him, once he got it he does the job perfect.


(grey, 2011, mare, OS, Diarado x Capitol I)


On her stable name Dani, she’s the new talent, the not yet finished diamond waiting for the last polish to shine. She has all the scope one could ever imagine, bouncy uphill gates paired with an amazingly nice character. We’ve basically just started our work together, there’s a long way ahead of us but she’s extremely docile. We start showing in spring and hopefully she can enter her in her age classes by the summer.

Quantana Mera

(grey, 2005, mare, HOLST, Clearway x Contender)


On her stable name Maree, she’s the horse who brought me up from small categories to the international Middle Tours. She has a golden heart and lots of scope, she’s well aware of her abilities. She was a broodmare in Germany that belated her schooling as a youngster causing some surprise for me. She’s a pretty bad tempered horse with a lack of trust towards people. It took me 4 years to gain her trust but if she’s having one of those bad days nothing can be done about it. Of course no matter how bad of a day she has she always knows to give her best at shows. She’s the one who I make a real pair with, we perfectly complete each other.

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